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Mobile Application

Providing services for design and programming of smart phones and raising them to stores - applications android phones - applications ios phones - tablet applications

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing is the way you tell the world that you can cover their needs by reaching a specific segment of people, who really need what you have to offer

Video Production

Providing mobile visual design services by producing, designing and moving motion graphics - video - production - voice commentary - moving figures and logos

Desktop Application

UNIQUE DESKTOP SOFTWARE TO WIN A MARKET SHARE AND DRIVE YOUR CORE PRODUCT’S COMPETITIVENESS Have a market-shaking idea? We know how to embody it in a responsive desktop application

Graphic Design

Providing visual design services from visual identities and creative designs Posters - Logos - Infographic - Magazines Booklets - Sketches - Wallpapers - Slides

Web Solutions

Providing web design and programming services Personal pages - Web programs and applications - Electronic stores - Special programming - Operation and management of websites

Process workflow

How is our work

Receive and study your projects and analyze the mechanism of work on them

The central concept of our corporate philosophy is to be different. In a world where all are always trying to look the same and imitate ideas, we want to be unique. We offer our clients the opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering new and innovative concepts and solutions.

Utilizing the latest capabilities and capabilities to work on your projects within a specialized team

Our goal is to satisfy our customers. We offer our customers the ability to be updated on the latest solutions for their needs.

our talented team

We believe that our team have potential to do amazing things.

  • Johan Van Font Front end developer

    Ahmed NaylProject Manager

  • Johan Van Font Front end developer

    Mohamed HusienTeam Leader

  • Johan Van Font Front end developer

    Hasnaa AbdeltwabDeveloper

  • Johan Van Font Front end developer

    Eman Nady DEVELOPER

  • Johan Van Font Front end developer

    Ahmed HanfyBack End Developer

  • Johan Van Font Front end developer

    Aamer SaeedBack End Developer


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about ztechx

First you should know

Hello, We are ZTECHX. We believe that the future is digital. We also believe that the denial to embrace new technology, whether personal or corporate, postpones progress.! .

ZTECHX an Egyptian institution with an integrated team that seeks to provide the services of the media and information technology according to the latest modern requirements and innovative ideas of high quality and high professional and supervised by a team of scientific specialist and has the experience to reach high quality guaranteed work at reasonable prices.

We are Ztechx